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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 10, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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really the tragedy that is involved here. >> prosecutors say a second grader and a mother approached the principal, last october. alerting her to possible inappropriate behavior in the classroom. involving the girl's teacher, 35-year-old craig chandler. >> her response was to not do anything. she did speak with mr. chandler. and she kind of conducted her own investigation and determined there was nothing to be done. >> reporter: after the family brought in a possible key piece of evidence. something the principal allegedly dismissed as nothing of value. >> the parent of this particular child brought in the jacket she was wearing during the -- time of this alleged incident. that jacket had a suspicious stain on it. and the jacket was returned to the mother by the principal. the mother washed it multiple times and any forensic value that would have existed is now gone. under state law public school
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officials are part of a select group who must report someone to police or child protective services when there is a reasonable amount of suspicion a child has been accused. >> she allowed mr. chandler to continue as a teacher in a classroom which gave him access to a child and, an ultimately ult resulted in the molestation. the principal's attorney said she was mortified when she learned of it happening and other people knew of chandler's strange behavior but didn't believe anything of a sexual nature was happening behind closed doors. >> there is a sense of naivete. they don't want to believe this
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is happening in their universe. and they -- they are not open to the poss -- possibility this is occurring. they don't do what they're legally required to do. >> a quick note, we found ms. vijayendran's photo on her lin s ed -- linkedin page. for now, live in san jose, nbc bay area news. new at 5:00, how would you handle this situation? a 12-year-old girl is in the headlines for how she handled thieves? the burglars struck in the middle of the afternoon while she was inside. she remained calm. and it is perhaps because thought of that she can share her story. nbc bay area's chris sanchez joins us in freemont, how is the little girl doing? >> she is doing well. very brave. what matters not who she is or where she lives but how she
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managed to stay so calm. >> i heard banging on the front door. and they were ringing the doorbell. so i checked from the window who it was. and -- it was -- i saw a lady there. but i didn't know her, so i didn't want to open the door. >> 12-year-old tonya heard his chime. that only happens when someone opens a door or window in her home and says sheep was t was t one there and suspected something was terribly wrong. >> i wasn't sure if my mom came home early. i quickly called my mom. she said to call 911 as soon as possible. tonya called 911 and tried to stay calm as the she hid in her bedroom closet. she heard the whispers of a man and woman in the house and heard some one in the bedroom where she was hiding. >> when one came into my room. i started shivering. i told the person on the phone, one of them is in mid room. then that person started looking around. and then, they opened one of my
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drawers. luckily they didn't open the closet in which i was hiding. >> within minutes. freemont police and tonya's father arrived but suspects, fled with the laptop, cell phone and jewelry. freemont police have suspect description, the foe maemale, bn 18 and 20. 5'4", and 5'6." gold hair with black streaks. looking for a suspicious vehicle in the area. while tonya is a tiny girl. police say she showed enormous courage. tonya is complementary saying with the tis patchdispatcher one she knew help was w on the way. >> so 911 is the solution if this ever happens again. >> police say tonya did everything right. it is a reminder to the rest of us what to do, that is stay calm and call 911. in freemont, chris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> a brave young girl. thank you, chris. fire strikes twice at a bay area
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hope. earlier, flames destroyed the home. no one was living in it. the structure was scheduled to be demolished today. it caught fire again. trespassers seen on the property early this morning which neighbors say has been common since the first s fire. unfortunately today's fire spread to two other homes. firefighters say it could have been worse. >> the takes around the original house had cut all their weeds down. with the high temperatures and the wind and all of that, the ex-pected high fire danger today, that helped ace great deal. because the fire wasn't able to spread much beyond the structure. and run up the hill and catch additional houses on fire. >> fire officials say ideally you should clear 30 feet around your home of any vegetation. make sure the limbs on trees around the home are at least ten feet away. well, today's high temperatures prompted pg & e to declare thises a peak energy day. the utility is asking customers to do what they can to conserve
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power for 6:00 p.m. for an hour. we are hearing tomorrow will be a spare the air day. chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri is tracking hottest temperatures from the bay area weather center. >> summer scorcher, with some of the hottest weather of the season so far. we are finding a lot of the temperatures in the 90s, 100. one of the hottest. gilroy, 104 in the east bay. livermore with 101. san jose, cooler. 93 degrees. now look at the overall numbers. find the hottest weather in the interior valleys, north east and south bay. where also this area quality is suffering quite a bit. a lot of this hot stagnant air is getting trapped in the valleys, we are finding unhealthy levels of ozone and east bay. and for the south bay. where if you do suffer from respiratory problems and allergies it is going to be very difficult the next 24 hours. take you out, briefly here to our sky camera network. not too bad from the vantage
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point. look off. extends, 10 miles over a city population. again very hazy. a quick preview on the weather maps for tomorrow morning. wild inland with low 70s. and by 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning we could be dealing with mid 80s. let you know who could hit the century mark again for wednesday in a few minutes. >> jeff, see you then. a jury has been seated in the hans reiser civil trial not before the convicted killer got tearful in the court room. reiser acting as his attorney is fighting a wrongful death lawsuit filed by his two children. in '08, the computer scientist was accused of killing his wife, nina. high profile case, caught national attention. today, he told perspective jurors how difficult it was representing himself. at one point he had to stop mid sentence as he choked back tears. opening statements will begin tomorrow morning. a man was shot more than 20 times by four san jose police officers and lived. is now suing the department and
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the city. javier gonzalez, passed out in the stairwell w of an extended stay hotel last october after a halloween party. dressed in scrubs carrying a toy gun. a housekeeper noticed the toy gun and called police. officers say gonzalez did not respond to verbal commands and eventually reached for the gun. the lawsuit claims he woke up to threats, screaming and chaos. and pleaded with police not to shoot him. the 25-year-old man says he has one bullet permanently lodged in his spine. a spokesman for the police department declund to commeined. >> the privacy mistake that will cost a tech company tens of millions of dollars. >> plus a real life carry-on. police arrested after trying to sneak they're baby out of the country in a bag. a new place for little monsters to gather. how superstar, lady gaga is using silicone valley technology to get closer to her fans.
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millions of parents say school is too easy. the center for american progress don't feel students feel challenged. the data suggests that kids aren't being pushed academically and are bored. among the survey findings. 37th of fourth graders said their math work was too easy. 67% of 8th graders felt that way about history assignments. 39% of seniors said they barely have any writing assignments. the center is recommending new curriculum standards nationwide starting in 2014. >> ready fornetwork. lady gaga. this network is very specific. let's bring in scott budman.
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scott, little monsters. >> this may be the first example of what the future of social network looks like. instead of shifting through face book or swit twitttwitter tl, b through a network of her and her fans. she already has more than 50 million face book fans. and more than 25 million twitter followers. how could any one possibly get more in touch with lady gaga. with this -- little, a new social network devoted to gaga. we visited the little company response bum for tibleñfor the . and funding tono carrierringrin0
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b plane says it is growing, hiring. and lady gaga herself. and sunny got the first social network. >> thank you, scott. >> google may be looking at the biggest fine the federal trade commission has ever levied. the $22 million fine is for bypassing privacy settings of millions of safari users. google got caught by a stanford student and "wall street journal" adding code to web sites that would defeat apple's attempts to shield web users
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from being followed by advertisements. google has the not issued a comment. >> nearly 20 million directv customers could lose ak teccess. a dispute between directv and viacom could lead to a blackout of 17 channels, nickelodeon, vh-1 and comedy central. 20% of all households with satellite or cable tv across the country would be affected. the two companies are in negotiations right now. but say the blackout will begun at 9:00 to night if an agreement can't be reached. the stars are shining tonight. best baseball players in the world are all in kansas city for the annual major league baseball all-star game. there is a heavy dose of bay area players. four giants and one a are in tonight's game. only one bay area tv reporter is on location. and she is part of our team. comcast sports net, joins us now from kansas city. jamie, you'll ways get the baes
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signment -- best assignments. how you doing? >> doing great. had barbecue. looking good. inside coffman stadium. the flyover. national anthem in the books. they're ready to play baseball. as you mentioned. giants well represent ra sent in the starting lineup. due in large part to the giants' fans. voted three position players into the starting lineup. buster posey, receiving the most votes ever by an nl player. and sandoval, edging out wright. here's whathe panda had to say about it. >> have of a great season. and so great plays. you know, you know, it's tough. because, pretty good fans. but i think -- this moment show me that -- the giants fans better than new york. >> i know they have got in a lot better in the last five years. winning the world series two years ago. created a lot of additional fans. i have been a giants' fans since
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1982. season ticketholders. numbers increase big time. yeah, giants' fans. a bunch of good fans out there. >> we have the best fans ever. we fill our stadium every time. 42,000 fans come out. we support our giants. we love them. love them. >> and the four giants all-star, starters. most ever in team history. the first all giants battery of matt cain, buster posey out there in the first inning. speaking of buster posey, much more on him coming up in sports. at 6:00 including his amazing journey and his recovery from that injury last season to get where he is right now. which w its, the all-star game. reporting live from kansas city, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. what a thrill for awe the players for the giants and the one mum weember of the as. jamie looked good. in short sleeves. boiling hot in kansas city. >> same thing here. boiling hot. trying to hook today. thought i would faint. >> not the best day for that.
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with all of this hot weather here across the bay area. in fact some of the area of warm air over kansas. where jamie was. also the same region. hot, high pressure affecting us. glroy. and 104. livermore. 101. pleasantton. sultry. 96. south san jose. 93. when was the last time it was this hot in case you are wondering. actually before summer officially began back on june 16. where we did have 106 in livermore. not that hot for today. does rank up there in some of the warmest weather so far this year. right now we have 96 in concord. checking in. 99, livermore. gilroy, starting to find the influence of an onshore wind. many areas starting to cool in the 60s and 70s. take you live. hd, sky camera network this afternoon. there it is. we call it dragon tail fog. across the bay now. high pressure helping to compress any clouchd cover that is developing. so that very scenic fog dealing
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with at the current hour. back on your weather headlines. head into the morning hours. mainly clear here. for the interior valleys. we will have patchy fog at the immediate coastline. clear start for the valleys will lead to a few more, low 100s on wednesday. and then, eventually here. going to get things to chill on down for you in the seven-day forecast. right now though, the big dome of high pressure sitting across the central u.s. will continue to grip the bay area. at least s ffor the next 46 hou. cool air back out towards the pacific. that will also eventually start to make its way here. going to take a little time. for our wednesday forecast. we'll find that onshore flow. at the coast s line. that will bring, 60s. 70s. fog to start. 90s to 100s. inland, the hottest here, this week. we head into wednesday. s you begin, not going to be too bad up in the north bay. 53, santa rosa. 56, napa. 54 in santa cruz. daytime highs will top out, warm
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to hot in south bay. 100. gilroy. 93, san jose. get closer to the bay. cooler here in hayward. freemont. castro valley. 100, walnut creek. 101 in livermore. 100 in blackhawk. no doubt the east bay the hottest the little more moderate in the north bay. 94, santa rosa. 74 in downtown san francisco. air quality will be unhealthy in the east. also the south bay. wilt be another spare the air day here for wednesday. on the three day forecast. numbers go down considerably by friday. with upper 80s. friday, saturday, sunday, monday. mid 80s coming on back. looking good monday. stay warm into tuesday. so, tomorrow we have officially done it. 101 there inland. maybe go inside and do your run tomorrow. >> yeah. on a treadmill. yeah. >> my goodness. >> have the fan going. treadmill.
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>> nice. will you bring my walttt wer. grapes. >> two companies joining forces in the ultimate high meets low combination. we'll explain. plus. >> we absolutely believe that we can win the whole competition. the. >> all we are rooting for you. bay area dance troop with big city dreams. what they say their biggest fear is in terms of performing on "america's got talent." >> potentially deadly disease on track to have a record year. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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the sent herbs -- centers for disease control, 16,000 val dated cases of whooping cough. that surpasses all the cases reported last s year. the record was 27,000. the cdc says many adults forget they need to get a shot to prevent getting the illness.
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but those most at risk are babies. in california there have been 19 cases report sewed far this, fortunately no deaths. the last time a californian died from whooping cough was in 2010. >> they weren't smuggling drugs or money. they tried to smuggle their baby. an egyptian come tried to get the baby through airport security. officials in united arab emirates say the 5-month-old was discovered during an x-ray screening. the baby's parents arrived last friday but were not allowed to enter the country because of the infant did not have a proper visa. the parents decided to try to smuggle the child in a bag. the couple faces charges of child endangerment and attempted smuggling. >> 167 days until kris. two big retailers have already announced a strategy to make sure you shop their stores. starting december 1, neiman marcus and target will roll out a collection of 50 products from 24 well known designers.
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those designers include marc jacobs, oscar de la renta. both will carry same items from $8 to $500. but most will be priced under $60. and there will only be limited quantities. >> i know where you are going to be december 1. >> at target and neiman marcus. >> become with a local dance troupe on america's got talent. stay with us.
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this is a big night. a group of local dancers could win the big prize. $1 million. the lisa clark dance troupe includes local high school students advanced into the top 4
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c tonight the dancers will be one of 12 acts performing live in new york city. to make sure we grab the attention of america every single week that we perform. >> they got my attention. >> and now if the group advances to night, we'll cross our fingers for them. they'll make it into the semifinals. you can watch their performance tonight at 8:00 here on nbc bay area. that's the lisa clark dance troupe right here. >> got to vote for them. >> yes. >> another day, couple days of hot weather. >> yeah, it is. 101 on wednesday. mid 90s by thursday. cooling off by the weekend. >> thanks, jeff. >> thank you for joining us. hope to see you back here at 6:00. bye.
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